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Plow drivers, landscapers, home improvement contractors, and all other professionals who rely on vehicles or entire fleets of vehicles to conduct their day-to-day operations should consider purchasing a commercial auto insurance policy from Lonergan Insurance Agency. Depending on the industry, size, and seasonality of your business, your coverage needs will vary. Our agents will help you find great coverage that’s tailored to your business’s specific vehicular exposures.

Owning vehicles through a business can be complicated and it’s easy to neglect a vehicle that you don’t personally own. Delivery vehicles are subject to heavy wear and tear in stop-and-go traffic as they typically amass mostly city miles with frequent stops and starts. Ensure that you’re insured and repair costs are covered by your commercial auto policy.

Another inherent risk of having work vehicles in New England is that they could be damaged by severe weather or accidents involving snow or ice. When damage occurs and it doesn’t involve another vehicle, comprehensive coverage is what you need; it covers damage from fire, theft, vandalism, and hitting animals.

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